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ALIEIA S.A was established in 2001 by its owner Ioannis Giarenis. Coming from a family with a rich background of over 52 years in the fishing industry, including trading and exporting fish both in the US and Canada, Ioannis Giarenis has been in the business for almost 35 years. Today he stands out as one of the most successful fish producers and traders in Greece. Company's workforce consists of 25 highly qualified employees.

Our state-of-the-art aquacultivation unit, which is one of the newest units in Greece, is located approximately two (2) hours away from our Head - Office, in the crystal clear waters of Chalkidiki.

ALIEIA's head-office is located in a modern building in Nea Michaniona, just outside Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece after Athens. Nea Michaniona is the main fishing port and trading center of fresh fish and seafood in Northern Greece. Hundreds of tons of fresh and aqua-cultivated fish, shells and crustaceans are sold at auction on a daily basis.

ALIEIA's future plans include the extension of its activities is the field of processing, canning and producing premade seafood meals. New premises, warehouses, large freezers, processing lines for salted fish, fish fillets and other sea food products are within the company's future agenda.

ALIEIA S.A strongly believes in maintaining top quality. Quality control takes place in every stage of the growing, farming and packaging of fish, right from the spawn stage till the airport delivery, assuring that the fish preserve and maintain their flavor and meat texture.

Our cultivation unit lies at the very end of the SITHONIA peninsula (south-east of Thessaloniki), in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, where the Greek boats have been sailing for thousands of years.

The crystal clear waters of Sithonia are full of nutritious elements and are rich in salt. There is plenty of oxygenation in the water. The pollution-free environment and the isolated and restricted surrounding areas, make the site quite unapproachable by intruders. Activities of any kind are banned in the area, thus making it an idyllic surrounding for fish cultivation.

The open Aegean Sea stretches as far as the eye can see, unfolding a wonderful view before the eyes.


ALIEIA S.A., a 4th generation aquacultivation-unit, is one of the newest and best-equipped fish breeding facilities in Greece, its recent construction, allows only the latest equipment and materials to be used.

The technology advanced equipment, compined with the in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of its owner, Ioannis Giarenis, have led to an outstanding result: Excellent fish quality and the best treatment of the fish population.

New cages and submerged nets of several sizes are used for the fish cultivation as well as protective surface nets. The fishery is firmly braced in solid foundation at the bottom of the sea, providing unchangeable conditions for the fish life.

The fish-catch takes place in a separate structure, specifically designed to ensure proper fish management including several facilitations for the quick implementation of any handling activity.

After the fish-catch, the fish are placed in isolated thermo tanks containing ice and sea water in order to chill down their temperature. This procedure allows for the spontaneous unconsciousness of fish wihout any suffering, thereby preserving both their freshness and excellent meat quality.

Equipped with all the necessary auxiliary apparatus, such as platforms, boats and scuba diving equipment, our establishment maintains excellent functionality of the cultivation-unit, and copes with any unlikely events that might occur.

ALIEIA's cutting edge equipment includes freezer-trucks that ensure the fastest delivery and handling of the fish.


In ALIEIA's modern and fully equipped packing premises, electronic scales and special packaging equipment are used for eliminating any possible mistakes. The selection and sorting of the fish is done manually avoiding the damaging of the fish by automatic sorting arms and other kind of equipment.

The fish, prior to delivery, are separated, very carefully categorized according to weight and size, and packed right after the cold thermos-tanks into isolated thermos boxes.

A brand new ice producing machine is used to ensure the preservation of the right temperature in our cargo, as the fish are shipped the same day.

The ice used for cooling the fish during trasportation is placed in nylon bags, to avoid any direct contact with the fish. Only special polystyrene boxes with very high thermo-isolating properties that offer resistance to loss of temperatur for more than 30 hours are used for the packaging of the fish. The boxes are light in weight.

A label is attached on each box including all the necessary details, like date and time of packing, country of origin, official packing number, weight, number of fish included and other importan information.

All the above, combined with the careful sealing, contribute to a package that brings freshness right into the customer's hands.

Transportation of the package fresh fish is carried out with company's own freezer-trucks from the fishery to Thessaloniki International Airport Makedonia, which is only a 2-hour drive. Daily flights depart to every destination worldwide, reassuring rapid delivery to any country.


2nd Km Neas Michanionas - Thessalonikis 

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Ampelos Bay, Toroni, Halkidiki